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Deaccession Policy

The American Baseball Card Museum believes that the deaccessioning of trading cards from our collection is an important part of building, maintaining, and properly caring for and exhibiting our card collection. Accordingly, the Museum has adopted the following policy on deaccessioning:


1. This policy applies only to cards formally accepted by the Museum as part of our permanent collection. Cards not part of our collection may be sold, gifted, discarded, or otherwise disposed of at any time and for any reason.


3. Any card eligible for deaccession may be sold, and the sale proceeds may be used to acquire cards for the collection or for Museum operations.


4. No card shall be sold or transfered to a director, employee, or volunteer of the Museum.


5. This policy may be modified at any time by the Museum directors.


2. A card may be removed from our collection for any one of the following reasons:

  • Holding the card is inconsistent with the Museum's mission or vision, or the card is otherwise not a logical part of our collection.

  • The card is a duplicate of another card in our collection.

  • The authenticity of the card has been seriously questioned.

  • The card has been determined to have been altered, colored, shaved, or otherwise modified.

  • We believe the card has been stolen, or that the Museum does not have good title.

  • The card has been damaged or seriously deteriorated.

  • Deaccession is advisable in the judgment of the Museum's directors after considering the public interest and the Museum's mission and resources.

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